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How do E-Cigs Work?

  1. Rechargeable Battery: Lithium-based and typically charged via USB
  2. Microprocessor: Built-in and triggers atomizer and LED Light, upon inhale
  3. Atomizer: Contains heating coil to ignite the cartridge
  4. Cartridge: Holds flavor and provides nicotine
  5. Sensor: Built-in & detects use to activate microprocessor
  6. LED Light: Glows to stimulates a true lit cigarette feeling

Cartomizer: Disposable cartridges with built-in Atomizers, providing maximum vapor production



When someone takes a drag off an electronic cigarette, there’s a lot that goes on inside the device to trigger a soothing sensation.

The first step in the process is when the atomizer heats up the cartridge, containing the eLiquid. This process begins as soon as the cartridge is connected to an atomizer and a certain amount of the eLiquid becomes stored in a reservoir in the atomizer. From there, users activate the atomizer’s heating system, by inhaling. That action triggers the stored eLiquid to move from the cartridge into the atomizer’s heating chamber, which then absorbs the eLiquid and turns it into vapor. Finally, the user exhales the vapor and a sense of relaxation sets in.

Still, not all electronic cigarettes use cartridges. Many of our electronic cigarettes use cartomizers, which operate the same way internally, but combine the atomizer and the eLiquid. The benefit of using a cartomizer is that they’re disposable, alleviating clean-up of cartridges.


There is indeed an aroma given off by e-cigarette vapor and the smell consists of whatever eLiquid is being used. Still, the aroma is very faint, dissipating just as quickly as the vapor itself.